VIVO Y76s LAUNCH: Vivo, a 5G phone, is available at a very low price with a great camera

The Vivo Y76 S is the biggest Android smartphone we can get, and if you compare it with any other device, you will find that it is one of the most expensive. But let’s see how much they are worth in the market.

Brand Value of each Device – Vivo Mobile Mobiles: Brand Value (Vivo) 2022 | Vivo Mobile Mobiles

Vivo Mobile mobiles – brand value 2021/2022 – Vivo mobile mobiles value at the moment of its release.

Vivo mobile phones have long been an excellent option for those who want a high-quality smartphone without a huge price tag. You should know that this isn’t what we’re talking about here. Rather, these are real-world figures about our favourite smartphones.

The top three brands of smartphones available on the market offer many models to choose from. When comparing all brands, there are numerous differences between them. With some phones performing better than others, choosing one depends on your preferences and budget. On that note, the following table lists ten smartphones launched in 2021.

Model Exterior Size Battery Features Operating System Weight 

Galaxy Note 8 5.81 inches 1.39 pounds 2MP 32GB US$ 0.3023

(Image source: Gaget360)

 Apple iPhone 13 Mini 4.65 inches 6.2 pounds 16GB + 128GB US$ 0.3023 

(Image source: GSMArena)

Google Pixel 5a 4.74 inches 11.95 pounds 12MP 64-megapixel camera US$ 0.2999 

(Image source: GSMArena)

Oppo Find X3 5.58 inches 4 inches 22.5GB storage US$ 0.2998 

Image source: GSMArena

OnePlus 10 Pro 5.52 inches 2.84 pounds 3.5G data speed US$ 0.3324 

Image source: GSMArena

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 7 5.50 inches 4 inches 24GB memory US$ 0.3211 

Image source: GSMArena

Image source: GSMArena

Image source: GSMArena

Poco Poco M4 Pro 5.53″ 3.5 inches 26GB Storage US$ 0.3110 

Realme 5 Plus 5.25 inches 4 inches 40-megapixel camera 

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