Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review

Nowadays, the air phone has become a minor thing for people. Earbuds are now slowly taking their place. Because it is quite comfortable being wireless. One of them is the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro premium earbuds. Let’s know about it.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds 2 Pro are Samsung’s premium earbuds. It was launched at the Galaxy iPad event 2022 along with Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Flip 4. 360-degree audio has been given inside the Galaxy Buds. In these earbuds, any Samsung device can be easily connected. Galaxy Buds 2 Pro also comes with 24bit hi-fi sound quality. These Samsung earbuds also present intelligent audio noise cancellation (ANC). The price of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is Rs 17,999. We used Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for 20 days.

According to which this earbud of Samsung is visible with a response. It also has three microphones for calling. It also has a valuable feature where the auto switch option is available. If you are using Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with a TV and a call comes on, you can switch to calling on the phone, and after the call is disconnected, you can switch back to the TV again.

Looking at Samsung’s Buds, you can comfortably say that they will fall from the ear according to their size, but it is not so; its setting is very luxurious and cannot fall from your ear. You will not feel pain in your ear even after prolonged use. It weighs 5.5 grams and 43.5 grams with the charging case.

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