How to Install and Move Xbox PC Games to Any Folder

For a long time, Microsoft banned PC games from being downloaded using the Xbox app. Users were unable to edit or relocate the files. Storage management was non-existent, unlike Steam and other platforms.

Last fall, Microsoft announced a shift in its strict file-control policies. Xbox Insiders got the first crack at choosing the folder for game installs, with the files in them no longer kept under lock and key.

This feature is now accessible to all Xbox app users and works with most video games. Although you can’t duplicate or move several games across files at once, this update is a significant step toward catching up to the competition. 

Let’s see how it works.

First and Foremost: Your Xbox App Should be Updated

The latest versions of the Xbox and Gaming Services apps are required to manage the placement of game files. You can check if your Xbox system is up to date. To access the version information, click on your profile icon, then go to Settings >About.

Version 2202.1001.9.0 or higher is required for the Xbox app, whereas version 3.63.8003.0 is needed for the Gaming app.

Open the Microsoft Store app, then click the Library icon in the left navbar if you have previous versions (If you don’t see this icon, you’re probably running an older version of the Microsoft Store app). First, check for and install any updates to the Microsoft Store app.

Then, for the Xbox and Gaming apps, install any pending updates. When they’re finished, click the Get updates icon in the upper-right corner to see if any additional updates are required.

How to Select a Folder When Installing a New Game

A window with installation options will open when you click the Install button on a game. Whether you have one or multiple storage drives will determine what happens next (external drives are included).

Note: Some games may not enable you to install files to a specific folder. When this happens, the Xbox app will display an altering notice informing you of the situation.

Option A: If Your PC Only Has One Disk Drive(C:\)

In this window, you can’t modify the installation folder. Instead, return to the main Xbox application and select the Xbox profile icon. Go to General > Settings. You can modify the default installation folder under Game install options. Any games that have already been installed will be automatically relocated to this location.

For example, your games are currently stored under C:\XboxGames. In your settings, you set C:\Games as the default folder. There will be a place for all new installations to be installed. Also, all games in C:\XboxGames will be immediately moved to C:\Games by Windows.

Return to the game you wanted to install and complete the process. The default folder in the settings box should now show the updated location.

Option B: If Your PC Has One or More Disc Drives

A text link named Change is placed to the right of the default folders. Choose from your storage drives by clicking on it (C:\, D:\, E:\, etc.).

You can install games on many drives, similar to Steam, although each drive can only have one folder.

For example, Limbo may be found on the C:\XboxGames disc, whereas Halo Infinite can be found on the D:\FinishedXboxGames drive, and so on. You’d need a third drive to spread out the games across multiple folders.

How to Move Your Xbox Games to a New Folder?

First, enable Advanced management options for games you installed before the Xbox app features became available. To do so, launch the Xbox app and look in the left navbar for the game’s icon. Choose Manage after right-clicking on it.

Find the Enable button on the General tab of the pop-up window that displays. This option will not be available if the game does not enable you to install files to a specific folder.

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What you do next depends on the number of storage drives installed or attached to your PC after that is completed, as well as any newly installed games (You can use external disk drives.)

Option A: If Your PC Only Has One Disk Drive(C:\)

To move your Xbox games, you’ll need to change the default installation folder. This option may be found on the Xbox app’s main screen. Go to Settings > General after clicking on your profile icon.

Change the default installation folder under Game install settings. As you might expect, this relocates all of your installed games. Any existing titles on your computer will be moved to the new location, and any new installations will be downloaded there as well.

Option B: If Your PC Has One or More Disc Drives

Right-click the game’s icon in the left nav bar on the main screen of the Xbox app and select Manage. In the pop-up window, select the Files tab, then Change drive under Options.

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You can select one of your available drives (C:\, D:\, E:\). You can install games on multiple drives, like Steam and other services, but each disk drive can only have one folder. So you could put park Gears 5 in C:\Currently Playing Ori and the Blind Forest in D:\XboxBacklog, but you’d need a third drive to spread your installations out even more.


In this article, we have shown how to install and move Xbox PC games to any folder with various options of one or multiple drives on your PC. I hope you have found this article helpful if you have any queries let us know in the comment section below.

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