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GB WhatsApp is the one which has a good user base as it provides better features than the normal WhatsApp. If you are unaware of it and want to try it out then you have come to a very useful place. Here you can find the easy steps to install the GB WhatsApp and also some unique features it provides.

WhatsApp keeps on updating itself to get more and more features to make the users work easier. But GB WhatsApp is something which has all those features that a normal WhatsApp lacks. And this is where you must give it a try. Let’s dig a bit more to pull out the real treasure I.e, how to install GB WhatsApp

Simple Steps to Install GB WhatsApp 

It’s not that difficult to install the GB WhatsApp, you just need to follow the simple steps mentioned below. You can install it directly from the Google play store or you can even install it from web links.

Install GB WhatsApp From Google Play Store

There’s nothing much to tell about installing GBWhatsApp from Google play store. Everyone is well known to download any app from the Google play store.

  • Open the Google playstore on your device.
  • Search for GB WhatsApp. 
  • Click on install option.
  • This installs your GBWhatsApp on your device.

Install GB WhatsApp From Web Links

To download the app from the web firstly, you need to use the link on your device. After you open it just scroll down and click on the download option. This downloads your GB WhatsApp. But to install it you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the Settings App

Open your settings app present in your app menu. Later click on unknown sources option and tap on OK. This enables the installation process and gives you access to install the apps from sources other than Google play store. 

Step 2: Click on Download 

Now click on the download option and later click on install. This completes your installation process. But to use the app you need to follow some more steps.

Step 3: Add Your Number

After you install the app, open it and then add the number you are using. You will receive an OTP once to add your mobile number. This is to verify your installation process. You will also receive a text conforming GB WhatsApp installation.


Gb WhatsApp Pro

Wrapping Up

Hope you got what you were searching for. GB WhatsApp has its own features: it less you see the deleted messages, you can download the status, you can even send more than 15MB videos and many more. Therefore it’s worth giving it a try. Hence, you can adopt the steps mentioned in the post and install the GB WhatsApp on your device.

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